1. What motivated this website

Ndu att3, kam jahil k3la awo nozinyi ye lan manat3ma kuru kamanz3 so ye sha k3runzain ma ad3?
Shima mbol k3nza ma, kam nasara ingila ye do k3ri ya kalkal ma, kalimo yokt3ma, jahil ro kura’a.
Shima kam do ne k3lanz3 ilmu t3lam amma yen manat3ma kuru shiye nozinyi, shart3 kamjin suro sa’aran nz3 ye lan.

Shima su z3 John Neville Hare

In English:

Who is he that speaks without knowledge and his type listens to?

The alcoholic British colonial dog, a camel activist, a vicious arrogant.

The one  who claims knowledge over a tribe he didn’t know of; judging the whole with ill conceived notion in his drunken state.

His name is John Neville Hare.


Tribes don’t usually put website about themselves, others usually do and wrongly so either from good intentions or few unpleasant experience they had. The story is different with this website. It is made by Kanuri people, about their tribe to put forth accurate information instead of falsehood derived from a former colonial worker in Nigeria by the name of  John Neville Hare.

We want to thank both John and National Geographic for publishing an article vastly generalized and far from representing the Kanuri people whom he came across during his time to help with the British colonial agenda in Nigeria before 1960. In his article “How Northern Nigeria’s Violent History Explains Boko Haram” he started by admitting his addiction to alcohol.  Most readers will simply skip that part or rather think of, as plainly an honest man that owns his problems. But from the perspective of the Kanuri people a drunkard is a nuisance and irresponsible individual to be ignored, left without friends. His state of mind is not taken into account by his readers.

Furthermore, it explains a challenge finding  community that accepts him, hindering opportunities to learn about the people rather than imagining about them from a distance. Just like John’s attempts in connecting dots that didn’t exist, many writers have associated the Kanuri people with falsehood. 

KanuriTribe.com is here to set the record straight, the story, as it is without re-narrations. 

2. What to expect from this website

KanuriTribe.com is a website covering many aspects of the Kanuri people, including but not limited to:

1. History 

2. Subtribes 

3. Religion and culture

4. Festivities

5. Politics

3. Dedication

The website is primarily dedicated to the Kanuri people. It is also dedicated to putting forth truth and accurate information. The preservation of history and traditions of many tribes around the world are not often in one location, presenting challenge gathering relevant information about them. For this reason this website is finally also dedicated to the legacy of information availability in a central source. 

4. Sources

Putting out truth brings the question of source and where they are collected from. Various sources are consulted especially gathering historical information for this website. 

All information are adequately cited to assure transparency for our readers and encourage research materials for the academia. 

Readers are asked to submit complains or argue what they find as incorrect using the from on the contact page. Everyone is invited to voluntarily submit articles, send pictures of the various Kanuri tribes, audio / video clips, and contents that promote the sharing of true information.